The best equipment ensures you have the most fun flying!

Whether it’s a two-year check-up, minor or major repairs or repacking the emergency parachute. In our new paragliding service workshop, we offer high-quality and fast service for your paragliding equipment. The experienced “checkers” are perfectly familiar with the material and will restore your equipment to its original condition.


The workshop for your paraglider

  • Paraglider checks
  • Repairs and sewing work
  • Trim tuning
  • Harness check
  • Compatibility check harness – rescue system
  • Repacking the rescue equipment

Checking the paraglider

(2-year check)

Repacking the rescue package

Harness service


This is how you proceed…

Bring your paraglider directly to us in St. Gilgen or to the Salzburg Flying School in Wals-Himmelreich. We inspect your equipment and can give you an immediate estimate of how long the inspection or repacking will take and what costs will be incurred. Cost estimates for repairs can also be discussed directly on site.

Of course, you can send your equipment to us for inspection by parcel service or put it in our storage box outside the flying school. Contact us by phone and we will give you the code for the box. Please also send the order form and, if applicable, the repair form:

to the ►Order form

to the ►Repair order

The average lead time is 5-7 working days. If you need your equipment checked more quickly, we can also offer an express paraglider check or rescue service for € 15.