Flying area
12 horn

Magnificent panorama over Lake Wolfgangsee

Experience great flights over one of the most beautiful flying spots in the Salzkammergut. Enjoy the view of the turquoise-colored Wolfgangsee and its neighboring communities such as Sankt Gilgen or Sankt Wolfgang.

The flying area

At the 12er Horn

The Zwölferhorn lies in the middle of the beautiful Alpine foothills at the foot of the turquoise-blue Wolfgangsee. To the north stands the majestic Schafberg. The large landing site above the village of St. Gilgen is also in a picturesque location.

This association was founded to preserve the infrastructure of this unique flying mountain, which manages the take-off and landing sites and pays a lease to the alpine farmers. All pilots who purchase a daily or annual pass may use the club’s take-off and landing sites for private purposes. This also applies to Hike & Fly pilots!

Taking off and landing on the Zwölferhorn and in St. Gilgen is only permitted on the designated take-off and landing areas of the association. Launching on the Jagafleck (east) and at the Arnikahütte (south) is not permitted. We ask you to respect this prohibition of the owners.

Starting position

Safe start!

You may only take off in a northerly direction (see red markings in the picture). The yellow area (Voitlhütte launch site) may only be used when the pasture fence is not erected. This is usually erected in May and dismantled again in September. The wind directions that can be safely launched are from NE to NW!

You can find current wind values here:

Landing site

Happy landings!

The landing area is spacious, but should not be underestimated. In spring and summer, from midday onwards, the Brunnwind (thermal balancing wind coming from the north) pushes the thermals from the village and the fields towards the landing site. The conditions at the landing site are then difficult! Please fly the landing turns over the landing field and not too close to the inhabited houses. The area marked in yellow in the picture is intended for packing up the equipment and is always mowed briefly.

Tickets / Pickerl

For the use of the launch sites on the Zwölferhorn and the landing site in St. Gilgen

To use the take-off sites on the Zwölferhorn and the landing site in St. Gilgen, membership of the Zwölferhorn Flying Area Conservation Association is required! Daily or annual memberships can be purchased for this purpose.

Extraordinary membership can be purchased online in the form of a daily or annual pass. The purchased sticker in the form of the PayPal payment confirmation or bank transfer confirmation serves as proof. The stickers can also be purchased in cash at our flight school.

The stickers are checked by the local, authorized flight instructors and tandem pilots at the take-off and landing site.

Buy your ticket directly from the Zwölferhorn flying area maintenance association:

Weather station

Current flying conditions on the 12er Horn