Flying school Salzburg X Salzkammergut

Further training

Whether it’s a flight trip, ground handling training, tandem course or safety training – we’ll accompany you from your first flights on the practice slope to becoming a paragliding pro!

Air travel

Flying and vacation! We take you to a great flying destination, get to know new flying areas and practice thermal flying. With new flying friends, the day of flying is savored with a good dinner!

Groundhandling training

Essential for every good pilot: training on the ground in different wind conditions. This is exactly what we train with the Groundhandling Training!

Safety training

For the correct handling of extreme situations: During the safety training we train descent aids, collapses and stalls in different variations over Lake Garda!

Tandem course

A joy shared is a joy doubled: with tandem training, you are also authorized to show non-flyers the beauty of paragliding.

Private coaching

Would you like to receive your training and further education individually and with flexible time management? With private coaching, we can cater to your individual wishes and time constraints!