Tandem flying

“Fly with us”

Enjoy the boundless freedom of paragliding together with a certified and experienced tandem pilot. Experience an unforgettable adventure!

Tandem flying

Your flight experience as a co-pilot!

Experience the fascination of flying from a completely new perspective with tandem paragliding at the Salzkammergut Flying School! Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure high above the picturesque landscapes of the Salzkammergut. Our experienced team of certified tandem pilots will guide you safely through the air while you enjoy the freedom of flying.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to admire the beauty of nature from a bird’s eye view – tandem paragliding offers something for everyone. Our professional pilots will ensure that your flying experience is safe, entertaining and unforgettable


Your guide for the perfect tandem flight

  1. Book a flight

Book your tandem flight on the desired date directly via our online schedule. We fly from spring to fall on the Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen and on the Gaisberg in Salzburg and, weather permitting, also on the Loser in Altaussee.

After your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation from us with exact information about the meeting point.

Please bring a windproof jacket and closed shoes for the tandem flight! We will provide you with the equipment and helmet required for the flight.

  1. Meeting point

On the day of the flight we meet punctually at the agreed meeting point. For flights on the Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen, the meeting point is directly at our
flight school.
 This is located next to the valley station of the Zwölferhorn cable car.

For the ascent to the Zwölferhorn you need a cable car ticket, which you can buy directly at the valley station of the Zwölferhorn cable car can buy.

We drive up the mountain with you, show you the surrounding mountains and lakes and hike with you to our starting point.

  1. Start

After a detailed briefing on take-off, flight and landing, your pilot prepares the paraglider for take-off.

During take-off, the pilot needs your support by running a few steps with you to achieve the required take-off speed. We are already in the air, you can make yourself comfortable in your harness and enjoy the fantastic view from the front row.

  1. We fly

Your pilot steers the paraglider and you can enjoy the flight. Depending on the weather, the thermals can be used as an updraft and the summit can be overhauled. The route then continues across the beautiful landscape of the Salzkammergut towards the valley. We can show you the most beautiful places, lakes and mountains from the air. Do you want action and a rollercoaster feeling? Then your pilot can give you an adrenaline rush with wing-overs and spiral dives. Of course, leisurely gliding flights from the mountain to the valley are also possible. Simply communicate your well-being to us in the air and the pilot will adapt to you. Safety is our top priority!

  1. Safe landing

When landing, we make it easy for you: stretch out your legs and we slide gently on our air protector to land on the landing field.

For unforgettable memories, our pilots can photograph and film your flight with their cameras in the highest quality. You can view them directly after landing and, if you wish, the pilot can save the photos and videos directly to your smartphone so that you can send them to your grandparents or share them on social media!

Frequently asked questions

We fly passengers with a body weight of 30 to 120 kg. If you weigh less than 40 kg or more than 100 kg, please let us know in advance so that we can plan your flight.

There is no age limit for tandem paragliding. Minors only require a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian.

For flights on the Zwölferhorn, the meeting point is at our flight school in St. Gilgen. You can also hike to the mountain station and arrange a meeting point there by telephone. However, be aware of the limited size of your rucksack, as your pilot will only have limited space during the flight.

For flights in other flight areas, you will be informed of the meeting point in the booking confirmation.

The ascent takes place on the Zwölferhorn with the Zwölferhorn cable car together with your pilot. In the other flying areas we meet at the landing site and travel together by bus, car or cable car to the launch site.

Before we take off, our pilots will give you a briefing with all the important information about the flight. Please inform us of any physical problems or restrictions in good time.

Your total experience lasts around 1.5 hours. We will spend about 10 – 25 minutes in the air. In good weather conditions, you have the opportunity to take a

During the flight, you sit comfortably in your harness and enjoy the wonderful view. You can relax and let the new impressions sink in. If you wish, we can also give you a little more action in the air and fly special flight figures that will remind you of the centrifugal forces of a roller coaster. Landing is easy for you: all you have to do is stretch out your legs and we land gently in a sitting position.

Your friends can watch either the take-off or the landing. Both are normally not possible in terms of time. If you take the cable car up, you won’t be on the mountain for long. If you want to stay longer on the mountain, we recommend that you drive up early and arrange a meeting point at the mountain station in advance.

In the event of bad weather, you will usually be notified by telephone the day before, sometimes between 18:00 and 21:00. The appointment will then either be postponed or canceled. There are no costs for you. We endeavor to assess the weather in good time and inform you of any possible cancellation. The safety of our passengers is our top priority.

We recommend comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes for the tandem flight. Depending on the weather, it may be advisable to bring a light jacket or sweater.

You have the option of having the tandem flight recorded on video or in photos. Ask our team about the options and costs for documenting your unforgettable experience.

Please note that a generally good state of health is required for the tandem flight. If you have any specific health concerns, please let us know in advance to discuss possible risks.

Payment is made on the day of the flight, either in cash or with a voucher. If you don’t have a voucher yet, you can simply order one from us.