Tandem team

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Safety is our top priority! That’s why our team consists only of flight instructors and certified tandem pilots

The Tandem team

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Welcome to the Paragliding Pilots Team of the Salzkammergut Flying School! Our passionate pilots combine expertise, experience and enthusiasm for paragliding. Located in the breathtaking Salzkammergut, we offer a unique flying experience in one of Austria’s most beautiful regions. Our team consists of experienced flight instructors and enthusiastic pilots who not only share their passion for flying, but are also happy to pass on their knowledge and skills to our passengers. Immerse yourself in the world of paragliding with the professional team of the Salzkammergut flying school!

Our pilots

Take to the skies with us!


Tandem pilot

Andreas “Grüni” Grünbacher, grew up in the Upper Austrian lake district, is a trained vehicle technician and has been an aviator enthusiast since 2013. Chronically good-humored and always a good saying on his lips!


Tandem pilot

For as long as I can remember, I have been doing sport and measuring my performance in competitions or personal projects. In addition to my work as an electrical engineer and bike trainer, I completed my training as a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot in 2019 & 2020.


Tandem pilot

Having grown up in the “Ländle” (Vorarlberg) and now settled in Upper Austria, I work full-time in the chemical industry. In my spare time, I pass on the joys of flying to other people as a flight instructor or tandem pilot. Thanks to my calm and relaxed manner, the nervousness before the first flight disappears as if by magic.


Tandem pilot

As a professional tandem pilot, I have already taken off from many launch sites throughout Europe. Nevertheless, I always enjoy tandem flying in the Salzkammergut because the panorama from the Zwölferhorn is particularly impressive.


Tandem pilot

Hi, I’m Mario and I’m from the Salzkammergut. I am an enthusiastic paragliding pilot and would be delighted if I could soon show you on a tandem flight why flying is my great passion. I am sure that you will then understand what I love about this sport.


Tandem pilot

Paragliding is my passion – as a flight instructor, safety trainer and tandem pilot I try to pass on this passion. I’ve been paragliding since I was a child and, depending on the time of year, I fly hike & fly, cross-country or acrobatic flights.