Burnair flight school bonus

The multitool app for pilots!

The burnair Map as an app or desktop version is currently the most comprehensive pilot app for paragliders on the market. It offers a variety of useful functions for us pilots:

Flight area information

Discover all the important flight-specific information you need for your flying experience.

  • More than 5000 take-off/landing sites
  • 90% of valley winds in the Alps recorded
  • Information zones incl. Luv & Lee`s

4D launch site forecasts

A smart forecast that shows at a glance whether a take-off site will be flyable or not.

Weather forecasts

With the help of the burnair weather forecast you can find your perfect flying day or recognize potential dangers.

  • Wind at various heights
  • Smart gust forecasts
  • Clouds & rain intuitively understandable

Thermal forecasts

Shows you in which regions you will find thermals, how strong the thermals will be and how high you can turn up.

  • 654 Regions
  • Optimized for cell phones
  • 5 days outlook

Live Tracking

A special live tracking experience awaits you.

  • Track flights easily
  • Live thermals
  • Real-time animation

Live weather

Everything you need for Now-Casting.

  • Wind in real time
  • Rain radar
  • Clear webcam tool

In addition:

  • Airspaces
  • Hike&Fly planning
  • XC planning
  • Paracaching

The free version with lots of safety-relevant information is free of charge! There is also the Basic subscription (€ 59 per year) and the Premium subscription (€ 129 per year) for the complete burnair range of functions.

As a burnair partner, we can offer our flight students and customers the code fss with a discount of € 10 on the Basic subscription (€ 49) and the Premium subscription (€ 119).

Discover the entire burnair portfolio: burnair.ch/portfolio-item/burnair-map/

How do I get to the Burnair app?

  1. Download the burnair app on your smartphone: burnair.ch/portfolio-item/burnair-map/
  2. Register on the Burnair website or in the BurnAir app!
  3. Choose your burnair subscription (Free, Basic, Premium) in the Burnair eShop!
  4. Checkout with the voucher code fss for € 10 discount.
  5. Use burnair for your flight preparation, in-flight information and flight analysis!

The burnair app is very comprehensive and offers a lot of information. Burnair has a detailed explanation of the functions on BurnairTV: Burnair.tv

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