Flying school Salzkammergut X Salzburg

Exciting news: Salzburg Flight School & Salzkammergut Flight School grow together and become one family!

We are delighted to be able to significantly expand our portfolio of flight options. In addition to the Fulseck flying area in Dorfgastein, we will also be able to enjoy flights over the lakes of the Salzkammergut at the Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen and the Loser in Altaussee. The beautiful Weyregg am Attersee practice slope also offers us even more opportunities for successful basic training.

Andi, Julia & the team of the Flugschule Salzkammergut will remain and complement the competencies of the flight school!

The store in St. Gilgen with test center, check center and tandem flights will be open again from April. We are particularly looking forward to our first basic course in the Salzkammergut from March 23 – 30!

We strive to be able to offer the best training quality and the best products for paragliders in the Salzkammergut in the future. See you soon in the Salzkammergut, on the Zwölferhorn, or at our aviation competence centers in St. Gilgen or Wals!

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